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Sarah Steinke

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Sarah Steinke


As a somatic psychotherapist I recognize the body as a powerful communicator and holder of story. Getting back down into the body to feel what you feel and know what you know leads to greater imagination, energy, and wholeness. The following is a bit of how I got here…

I received my Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis on poetry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After working for several years as a mentor and coach to students in a nonprofit setting, I returned to school for my Master of Fine Arts in Poetry, where I learned not only to write from my own hidden places but to lead others in listening in a particular way to their own. I taught creative writing at the university level, and began to incorporate yoga training and somatic work into this poetic listening practice. I then completed my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. I am currently in private practice in Bremerton, WA, under the supervision of Dr. Dan Allender.

Wonder is like grace, in that it’s not a condition we grasp, but it grasps us.
— David James Duncan