Root down to rise up...



turning toward healing


Becoming whole

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”
— Maya Angelou

You were meant for transformative connection—connection between body, heart, mind, thoughts and responses. Establishing these connections within yourself leads to greater healing as you connect with others. However, trauma—whether daily stresses or more complex trauma—shatters these connections. It makes sense then that the places where we experienced this kind of shattering are places we’d rather not return to.

Healing, however, involves turning toward those places in us that we’d rather turn away from. This may sound counterintuitive, because there are good reasons for turning from those places of pain. But you already know how this kind of truncated life diminishes your ability to thrive.

So gather the pieces and make something new. This is rooting down to rise up.

Together, we’ll listen for what has been silenced, for what has been exiled. As we listen deeply, we begin to cultivate a voice of radical self acceptance, and we also shift ways of relating that have caused disconnection and heartache. This shift not only leads you to greater wholeness, but also ripples out into all of your relationships. For it’s through connection that we live into the love and creativity that is our birthright.

“I am the only one who can tell the story of my life and say what it means.”
— Dorothy Allison