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Sessions, Classes, & Workshops

“Asana practice has one meaning, to learn to sit in your one beautiful true nature.”
— Maty Ezraty

Counseling & Psychotherapy

I work interchangeably between counseling and psychotherapy. And our work is both somatic (listening to what your body carries for you) and relational.

Counseling looks at current problems and considers what steps need to be taken to address them. As a counselor, I help you discover your own way forward, without coaching or giving advise.

Psychotherapy, rather than looking at specific issues, considers overall patterns and reoccurring feelings. As a psychotherapist, I help you listen with compassion for how these patterns were developed—out of creativity and survival—in your earliest stages of development, and how these patterns are experienced today.

We each have differing entry points into the work, and together we’ll listen and respond to what yours might be—story work, writing, movement, dream work, daily life as well as transitions. As we listen and respond, we begin to locate patterns or perceptions that are ready to shift. We begin to find a way forward.

Sessions last 50min, and are generally a recurring weekly appointment, with the option for multiple appointments within the same week. Our sessions focus on your goals—whether you’re needing help through a particular challenge or transition, or you’re looking for greater connection within yourself and in your relationships.

My studio is reached by climbing a flight of stairs. If this poses an accessibility issue for you, please let me know, and we can make other arrangements.

Contact me for an initial appointment.


Yoga Classes

Each class focuses on breath, connecting breath to movement, and noticing sensation, whether in the physical or subtle body. Practitioners have access to powerful release as they enter the present moment, where they often find they are deeply held. 

No experience necessary.


Movement & Writing Workshops

A generative time of exploring movement and writing. We start with breath and body and begin to weave this with guided free writes that tap into both our conscious and subconscious stories. Workshops last 2 hours for individual work, or 2.5 hours for time to work with your group. 

These workshops are open to all levels. The movement as well as the writing is generative, meaning there's no pressure to produce or master. Come play! 

Writing from the Root

Explore your survival center, your deepest connection with your physical body and the earth, where you come from, and where you stand now.

Writing from the Emotional Body

Look into your passion and pleasure center, your connections and intimacy with others, your places of generativity, fluidity, and creativity.

Writing from the Solar Plexus

Explore how you perceive who you are, your warrior energy, the power of transformation, and how you move inertia into action.

Contact me to arrange a private yoga class or workshop for you or your group. See the Fall Schedule for classes and workshops already being offered in your community… 

Fall Community Schedule

Contact me with questions, or to register.


Saturday, Oct 5, 1-5:30PM: Symposia at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, Seattle

In this experiential workshop, "Attuning with Your Self," I will be sharing about current research in the field of interpersonal neurobiology and leading people through an attunement meditation, where you can experience for yourself the powerful healing that comes from listening to your body with compassion and imagination.

Saturday, Oct 26, 9-11AM; Saturday, Nov 23, 9-11AM: Wild Feminine, location TBD

This 2-part workshop series will explore our connection with our feminine body, and specifically our pelvic bowl. As women, our bodies hold so much and we often have ambivalent attachment to our very being. Our pelvic bowl stores our core wounds of how we have experienced life as women. It is also a place of deep spiritual, emotional, and creative energy. Embracing the knowledge and power of our pelvic bowl allows us to release shame and clears access to The Spirit and to our creativity. 

Sunday, Oct 27, 1-3PM: Befriending Our Bodies at Expansions Yoga Studio, Silverdale

Attuned relationship, as attachment theory and current research suggest, is crucial to overall health and well being, and to secure attachment. The relationship between you and your body is no different. This experiential workshop listens to sensation in your body as a powerful means of communication, attuning with the stories your body holds. Movement and meditation lead us deeper. Stop and listen—you’re more than worth it! 

Sunday, Jan 26, 4-6PM: Writing & Movement Workshops at Indigo Moon, Bremerton

This 3-part workshop series will explore the wisdom carried by our survival, emotional, and action centers. In these workshops, we start with breath and gentle movement and begin to weave this with guided free writes that tap into our stories and intuition. Being open to what arises allows for greater connection between body, mind, and spirit, and greater connection with each other.