Sarah’s flow classes always combine just the right elements of grounding and stretching, core work, balance and breath in an hour+ that flows from the particular needs of the class members on any given day. I always wonder, How does she always know what I need?
— Kristin Martinez
Sarah is warm, engaging, and soft spoken, which is in delightful contrast to her intense flow yoga teaching style. While leading the class through a series of powerful moves Sarah encourages us to breathe and release what we don’t need. It’s very freeing. Taking her classes have definitely made me stronger in mind and body. I look forward to seeing her smile and experiencing what she has in store for us. I know I will walk out of class feeling great.
— Colleen Cooke


About Me


I've been practicing yoga for 10 years, but have always been a student of breath, where I find deep healing and mystery. The most important benefits of yoga happen inwardly, as we learn to show up, and then learn to stay.