Classes & Workshops



My classes revolve around a theme, usually relating to cycles--of growth, seasons, and seasons of the body, grief, the life-death-life nature, naming and renaming. The theming is subtle, sometimes as subtle as inflection and sequencing; at times a brief meditation is offered during the final shavasana. Please let me know if your group is working with its own theme, and I’ll track my offering within your larger context.

Each class focuses on breath, connecting breath to movement, and noticing sensation, whether in the physical or subtle body. Practitioners have access to powerful release as they enter the present moment, where they often find they are deeply held. 

No experience necessary.


Postures flow one into the next connected by breath. A moderate to vigorous pace to energize, challenge, and create heat and release in the body.


Passive poses to work connective tissue and joints. Poses are generally seated or supine and target the low back, hips, and hamstrings.


Breath-guided stretches and movement to gently massage muscle tension, lengthen the spine, and calm the nervous system. 



A generative time of exploring movement and writing. We start with breath and body and begin to weave this with guided free writes that tap into both our conscious and subconscious stories. Workshops last 2 hours for individual work, or 2.5 hours for time to work communally. 

These workshops are open to all levels. The movement as well as the writing is generative, meaning there's no pressure to produce or master. Come play! 

Writing from the Root

Explore your survival center, your deepest connection with your physical body and the earth, where you come from, and where you stand now.

Writing from the Sacral Chakra

Look into your passion and pleasure center, your connections and intimacy with others, your places of generativity, fluidity, and creativity.

Writing from the Solar Plexus

Explore how you perceive who you are, your warrior energy, the power of transformation, and how you move inertia into action.