Root down to rise up

Root Yoga



Yoga & Writing

Both are practices of showing up, allowing what needs to drop to the ground to drop, and giving shape to what needs to take shape. I bring over twenty years of writing and editing experience, and ten years of yoga practice to each workshop and private session. I'm a RYT 200 certified yoga instructor who received my MFA in poetry from UW. I teach yin, restorative, and flow classes at Seattle studios and privately, and have taught creative and essay writing at the university level. Bringing the two together is a passion of mine, and I'm excited to share with you the synchronicity of yoga & writing! I also offer one-on-one yoga & breathwork sessions.



Learning to root my energy into the earth through my body in order to let it flow back into my notebook through free writes has been a wonderful way to bring a fresh but deep perspective into a variety of writing projects. Highly recommend!
— Kristin Martinez, entrepreneur
I felt light and more relaxed after leaving Sarah’s writing workshop. A giving and receptive presence, Sarah created an environment for me to free myself from judgement both in yoga and writing. Beginning with breath and movement helped me engage my body and let go of the chatter in my head. When I picked up my pen I felt at ease and yet focused. I was surprised at how words just flowed onto the paper during the structured and free writing time. Now I’m using the same technique at home. I can’t wait for her next workshop!
— Collen Cooke, photographer
Sarah is the poet who helped me keep writing after my kids were born. Sarah has three, and also has the magical ability to write a fully realized poem in about ten minutes. I’ve seen her scrawl out a sonnet at the zoo, baby on her back and an older kid feeding Cheerios to the lions. Lions or no, she does not write piddly poems, or clever poems. She writes poems that are marked, poems with real risk.
— Megan Snyder-Camp, poet



I was passionate, 

filled with longing,

I searched

far and wide.


But the day

that the Truthful Once

found me,

I was at home.


Lal Ded (Kashmir, 14th c.; translated by Jane Hirschfeld)

About Me

MY NAME IS sarah

I started writing when I was 8 (thanks, mom, for keeping that first poem!) and have been writing ever since. Shortly before I graduated with my MFA, I began practicing yoga as a way to unwind and connect with my body. As a poet I found yoga's expression, which is happily beyond words, incredibly freeing. Our bodies carry what our minds cannot. And yoking body, mind, spirit, led me to connect my practices. Yoga & writing flow beautifully together.

What I'm working on now...

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